Astrocytes: The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems Myelin Sheath

One theory of multiple sclerosis is that it might play a role in the destructive process of the astrocyte's myelin sheath, researchers haven't determined the exact cause of multiple sclerosis.

A few studies have shown that the disease follows exposure to a virus that may lie dormant until some factor, such as stress or a second exposure to the virus, triggers the disease.

Other studies have suggested that multiple sclerosis affect people who have a defect in their immune system, this is the system that is responsible for protecting the body from foreign substances, or infectious agents. 

It is believed that after having a viral exposure, the immune system mistakenly considers the myelin covering of the nerves as foreign tissue and tries to destroy it. This is what was alluded to above about the destructive process.

Whatever theory proves to be the fact, one thing is for sure, a damage myelin sheath makes a body more vulnerable to many diseases other than multiple sclerosis.

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Astrocytes AKA Astroglia are characteristic star shaped Glial cells in the brain and spinal cord. These glial cells have many functions, one of which is worth mentioning, the (BBB)Blood Brain Barrier, because we talk so much about this system of the brain.The biochemical support for the endothelial cells which forms the (BBB), is the reason for the correlation between the glial cells and the BBB, which is the brain protector from toxin that can be transmitted by the blood.

These astrocytes have four main functions, 1-to surround neurons and hold them in place, 2-to supply nutrients and oxygen to neurons, 3-to prevent neurons from bumping into each other, 4-to destroy pathogens and remove dead neurons. Even though the astrocytes do not play a substantial role in the maintenance of the (BBB)recently studies have shown a link to blood flow in the brain, that blood flow is what a MRI test measures.

Our CNS Central nervous system is made up of two parts, the brain, and the spinal cord, they are both in a two way connection to all the body's nerves, and are called as a group, the peripheral nervous system.

Human beings share many common organs with different animals; however the organ that makes us human is the brain. our brain is the most remarkable organ in our body, with it comes speech, thought, memory,emotion, pleasure, pains, dreams, and creativity.

The glial cells, the central and peripheral nervous systems are symbolic to electrical wires, just as wires have insulation, these Axons have Myelin Sheath, a faulty electrical wire can cause a house fire, a damage Myelin Sheath can cause demyelinating disease, which results in neurodegenerative autoimmune diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimers, Huntington's, and multiple Sclerosis, there are more, but these are the ones we are most familiar with.

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This is just another reason why a balanced diet is so important, calcium elevations are the primary known axis of activation in glial cells, and they have numerous functions in the central nervous system. One might say what is all of this for, it should be for Neurologists, Psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, and all those who study the (CNS).

No, its for all of us, when an individual grab a soda instead of a glass of milk, that individual should know whether or not his/her calcium intake is balanced, because calcium is a friend to these glial cells, not just from a dietary perspective, but every aspect of the CNS.Just this month OCT.

2010, the week of the 17th was a horrific week for football in the USA, at the collegiate and professional levels, head injuries occurred, the more we all know about our bodies, whether we have a misfortune cause by an accident or disease, the better we will be in taking care of ourselves.


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When an individual look at the scientific term astrocyte, you may ask why should I be interested in science, biology, or chemistry again, I've been to school.

That is good, but what is better is to know your body, because as you age, you need to know your body for the sake of longevity.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, there are people that live a century and over, people that is no accident, those individuals know something about self preservation.

This topic astrocyte perform many functions, one of which I think is at the very top of the list Blood Brain Barrier.

These cells help to maintain the Endothelial Cells-they form the Blood Brain Barrier, the (BBB) is responsible for keeping bacteria   from entering the central nervous system.

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When we hear of someone having a brain tumor, we know that individual has had a brake down in it's BBB.Astrocyte-is so closely connected to (CNS),it's research has cause Neuroscience-to grow by leaps and bounds.

I'm sure some have said what do I or we care about astrocytes, well this topic is about science, and the less you know about science, the less you know about yourself.

We the group want to make you aware of the next move, it is called the "public awareness of science". We have chipped in to make you aware that your next move can be "checkmated".

If you do not understand that astrocytes, are a broad scientific field that deal with your brain, and affect every part of your body. Please help us to help people to know about these Glial Cells, and what role they play in Alzheimer's Disease victims.

Our bodies react from chemical signals, astrocytes signal each other using calcium, the signals can be good or bad, that's why it is so important for us to practice good dieting habits, what goes in is what will come out. All plants, all nuts, all fruits, all meats are given for food. What is right for you?