Character Defects:
Minor Flaws Serve to Make an Individual Noticeable

Character defects, some families have gone as far as to name their relative, the black sheep of the family. Is that a good description of your love one?

When we take under consideration there is none perfect,it leaves us with the knowledge, we all have our shortcomings.

However some are more detrimental than others,yet they are there, and they are flaws.

The Oxford Group, was a christian movement, at least it start out as such, they believe people flaws were because of personal sinfulness.

They asserted that individual sin was the key problem, and the entire solution was in the individual conviction,confession, and total surrender to God.

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 The Celebrate Recovery, had a similar philosophy, they believe that restoration was rooted in spirituality, and they like other 12 steps programs, had a 12 steps solution.

A minor flaw is an imperfection which serves to make the individual noticeable, such as that man who always scratch his head when he talks. A major flaw is highly noticeable and is very important because it can hinder, impair, or corrupt an individual, example AMNESIA, GREED. Whether it is a minor or major flaw, it takes a hero to overcome it temporarily or perpetually.

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Whether or not we call these, defects, or flaws, that is merely our choice;however if they are major or tragic, they can be destructive or even deadly. Especially if its a tragic flaw, because arrogance always follow power, which brings about the noble's downfall.

Where to turn for help, usually the remedies for these problems are therapeutic, and the best professionals are,PSYCHIATRIST, PSYCHOANALYST, PSYCHOLOGIST, PSYCHIATRIC SOCIAL WORKER, PSYCHIATRIC NURSE.

When dealing with ETHICAL SHORTCOMINGS in humanity, you can label them as flaws or defects, what is certain is the imperfection or finiteness of every human being on planet earth.

These defects can be labeled as MINOR, MAJOR, OR TRAGIC, these sometimes called flaws are VIOLENT TEMPER, ARROGANT, IRRATIONAL, SELFISHNESS, UNFRIENDLY.

Hopefully these will help us to understand what real character defects are, and to take a personal inventory of our actions for the sake of our spouses, friends, and families.

Character Defects

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Every human being is a protagonist, whether we are in the valley, or on the mountain top, we all are on the world's stage, playing a unique role. Protagonist which is you, soon has a run in with the antagonist, which is the devil.

The play is not fictitious, nor was it produce in Hollywood, it is real life, and your enemy is always trying to subject you to minor flaws, major flaws, and tragic flaws.

Because to alter your character with defects, he knows that will be your Achilles Heel.

How can one rise above his/her flaws, for starters you must do some soul searching, remove denials and determine within yourself that you are going to rise above it all.

If you are interested in soul searching, these are some things to watch out for.

  • Character Flaw-an imperfection.
  • Phobia-an intense and persistent fear.
  • Stock Character-stereotyping individuals or groups.
  • Archetype-trying to be someone other than yourself.

The above list is considered as minor flaws. The next list tell about major flaws.

  • Greed-lust and gluttony.
  • Amnesia-a lost of memory, or a defense mechanism.

The last flaw is called the Tragic Flaw it is marked by a word called Hamartia, because of arrogance in one who reaches the threshold of imperialism, this terminology(hamartia) means "missing the mark" certainly when you get so high until people become stepping stone to you. you have missed the mark, and on your way down.

There is another form of character defects similar to the stock character, it involve stereotyping also. Weightism the stigma is obese people are lazy, don't have any willpower, and have a lack of intelligence and character.

The stigma is a misnomer, and can have a Schadenfreude Implication. Weight stigma has other selfish implications, such as bullying, and even discrimination in the employment community.