Care & Treatment Options: Dealing with Fatigue & Exhaustion

Below are some care & treatment options for dealing with fatigue and exhaustion. If you find yourself suffering from consistent and persistent exhaustion, there's a very good chance that you could correct this horrible condition by making one or more changes to your current lifestyle.

Although it can be due to an illness or disease, exhaustion is more often a symptom of lifestyle and/or attitude. Our modern lifestyle can be extremely hectic and we can feel torn in many different directions at once. There's a lot of pressure to perform and most of us, at the same time, want to "live it up".

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This is an exciting time to be alive and there's more that life can offer the typical person than ever before. But, none of this comes for free. We are overexposed to the possibility of becoming fatigued or exhausted, and so we have to remain vigilant to stave it off and lead healthy, energized lives.

If you are finding yourself "crashing and burning", remain hopeful and know that there are many things you can try when dealing with fatigue and exhaustion.

    Make sure that you are getting regular and adequate amounts of sleep every night. Listen to your body and get as much sleep as you feel you need (note: if you feel like you need more than nine hours a night on a regular basis, consult your doctor). You are not doing anyone any good by always burning the midnight oil, for you actually get less done and produce lower quality if you stay awake to feel "more productive".

  • Make sure your diet is a balanced and filling one that corresponds with your body type and lifestyle demands. Also, don't let yourself become dehydrated: get plenty of fluids in you throughout the day. Your diet should include supplements like herbal or vitamin capsules, too.

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  • Exercise on a regular basis. If you feel that you "don't have enough time" for regular exercise, make the time for 10 to 15 minutes every day with intense exercises like kettlebell workouts. But the probability is that you just haven't worked working out into your schedule, and you need to. Walking doesn't count, either--that's not intense enough. Push your body without pushing it into injury and your energy level will soar after a while.
  • Maybe you can't relax, and need to. Don't use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs for this. If exercising doesn't help with this, try some of these Relaxation Techniques.
  • No matter how much you work, make time for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Don't let stress get to you. If you need to take a weekend jaunt or stop suppressing your feelings in a close relationship, do it. Find the way to alleviate your stress. Try some of these Stress Tips and other Fun Ways to Relieve Stress.
  • Don't depend on caffeine or other stimulants (or sedatives) to get energized. These are okay if used here and there, but if used all the time they depress your body's natural energies and if you stop using them or can't get hold of them your exhaustion can become worse.
  • If you are depressed or suffer from chronic pain, treat these conditions with pharmaceuticals if they help. But beware of side effects. If you feel that you may have to change your medication, always talk to your doctor first before acting on that feeling.
  • Read some of these hope quotes and poems of hope for a quick pick-me-up.

Try some of our care and treatment options if you are dealing with fatigue and exhaustion.

Questions about these care & treatment options for dealing with fatigue and exhaustion? Contact us.

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