What's-In-Diets? Good Health, and Long Life.

What's-in-diets? Good health, a fountain of youth, and long life. Researchers and Nutritionists are finding out that people who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables live healthier, longer, and fruitful lives.

Scientists are researching to ascertain that a plant based diet can decrease the chances of heart disease, cancer, cataracts, and many other chronic diseases such as Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Strokes.

These studies are being done by turning to a family of nutrients and enzymes called antioxidants. These nutrients and enzymes help our bodies fight off diseases.

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Antioxidants are in the spotlights of today's scientists, much is to be learned about these antioxidants, as studies ascertain that they promote health, prevent many illnesses, assist in a good healthy life, and an anti aging agent, they will be the world's new era of disease fighters.Go to Diet Exercise Sleep Stress

What's-in-diets? A good or poor life. A poor diet can lead to damaged cells, deterioration, or dead cells, VIA oxidation, oxidation is a process of chemical reaction, and can produce free radicals, those free radicals are electrons that run to and fro in the body damaging cells or killing them.

A good diet is full of fruits and veggies that contains antioxidants, these nutrients and enzymes will act as inhibitors, preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Even though oxidation is a necessity for life to exist, as the old saying goes to much of anything is not good for us.

Chronic fatigue can be from poor dieting habits,what's in diets, if its the right one, good nourishment, and a healthy body. Because we are expose to toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the ones our bodies produce naturally.

The fight is to minimize and thwart as many of these free radicals as we can.Antioxidants attacks these free flowing electrons, prevent cells from beings damaged, destroys toxins and help prevent diseases.Go To What Causes Candida

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In our conclusion,once again, good dieting habits helps to prevent premature aging, also it can prolong your fountain of youth, and good health by keeping toxins and diseases out, put it this way, more trips to the produce department, less trips to the clinic.


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The word diet bring to mind two objectives, health and/or weight management. Many of us are not cognizant of our health nor weight, but what best suit our tastes.

Some people cater to certain diets for ethical reasons, because humans are Omnivores-their choices may or may not be healthy.

For those that are concern about their health and weight, a proper nutritional diet should include ingested and absorbed foods. Which are in the form of,

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats

The image below is for one's awakening. its depicting one  showing an individual who is managing his/her weight, which is very good, but what kind of nutrients are being absorbed?

Do they include the ones mention above, if the answer is yes, then that individual is maintaining a healthy diet, if no, what does it profit a person to look fit and healthy, when actually being malnourished?

The image that these words borders, shows some of the foods that include all the nutrients that should be absorbed, to maintain a healthy life style.

If you are not able to visualize the foods in the second image, this link will help you. Proper Dieting